NXNE Festival in Toronto

Back into the swing of things…  The show was pretty awesome!  I can’t remember a BR show at a festival being an hour and a half in length.

I left New Jersey with two of my friends Wednesday night at about 10:30 p.m, only making 2 short stops to stretch and get something to drink.  We arrived at the Canadian Border at about 6:30 a.m.  but nothing was open yet (I am spoiled I guess).  After waiting for a Tim Horton’s to open we decided to stay at Niagara Falls for a while and catch the sights.  Some guy was preparing a tightrope walk across the falls the next day, and tech crews / news trucks were out and about.  We did the Maid of the Mist tour, and this was one of the funnest and cheap things you can do if you’re in the area.  Just prepare yourself to get soaked!

Finally we head up to Toronto to check in our hotel.  If you are looking for a decent hotel for one person (there were three of us) stay at the Bond Place Hotel… it’s just a few blocks from Yonge Dundas Square, which was where the show took place.  We met up with a few fellow BR fans from Detroit and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe across the street from the venue.  I also managed to catch a Blue Jays baseball game the next day, as well as see expansive views of the city from the CN tower.  All in all a great couple of days.  Stand out songs from this particular BR set were “Them and Us”, “Sanity”, and one of my favorites “The Defense” which is the first time I think I’ve heard this live.  I’ve posted links to our videos of the show below, and we hope you enjoy watching them (as much as we enjoyed being there!)

Bad Religion have shows coming up in Los Angeles on 8/18 and Quebec on 8/25. I am tempted to go to Quebec but finding a job is probably higher on the priority list!  Thanks to my friends who came up with me to the show, as well as my friends from the BR Page who I met up with before and after the show.  You guys are awesome. As far as the next podcast, well… with the heatwave hitting the area I’ll probably be avoiding the outdoors so maybe we can squeeze one out within the next week.  The new Offspring CD “Days Go By” has been released.  Also, just got back from seeing Face to Face’s acoustic set of the Ignorance is Bliss album, so there’s plenty to talk about.

Until the next show…


Episode 4 – Talking Bad Religion with Time&Disregard

Download it here by right-clicking the link and saving it.

Episode 4 comes to you from Scotland as Debbie chats with Bad Religion fan and the  Into the Unknown afficionado known on the internet as “Time & Disregard”.  T&D talks about his favorite album, his Bad Religion show experiences and plays his favorite BR songs.

If you are a big Bad Religion fan and have a story, a hobby, collect BR stufff, have a big record collection, or have a lock of Brian Baker’s hair (kidding…sort of),  feel free to contact us. We’d love to feature you on our podcast! Lastly, please share our page on your facebook page! We have 27 fans on the page and we hope to branch out a bit more and have more friends tuning in..  As always, thanks for listening… A million days is worth one good ‘cast!

Here are the tracks featured in this episode of NFTF The Bad Religion Podcast:

  • Infected
  • Losing Generation
  • Inner Logic
  • Do What You Want
  • Time & Disregard
  • Goldfinger: Spokesman

Episode 3: Happy Birthday, Generator!


Download it here by right-clicking the link and saving it.

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well.  Here’s episode 3 of the NFTF Podcast.  In this episode we look back and celebrate Bad Religion’s Generator album, which was released in March of 1992.  20 years have passed and that’s no small feat! 1992 was the year grunge broke out of Seattle and Kurt Cobain became a household name with the release of Nevermind.  Lots of bands came out with albums this year, see if you can point out who’s still around and who isn’t!

Also we review Pennywise’s All Or Nothing, which is available on May 1 and is streaming as we speak! Perhaps it is maybe more like a rant that really goes nowhere but i like to think of it as a review of some sort, coming “Full Circle” to liking the album despite my faults with their music.  Here’s an article/interview about Pennywise which sums up everything that’s happened the last couple of years.

Here are the tracks featured in this episode of NFTF The Bad Religion Podcast:

  • Inner Dream – unreleased demo
  • Generator – “Lookin’ In” Recipe for Hate Single
  • Too Much to Ask – Radiation Hazard 1994-10-08 Gotheburg Sweden
  • Tomorrow – 30 Years Live Download Album
  • Two Babies in the Dark – 1992-04-18 Amsterdam Holland
  • Heaven is Falling – Riverboat Gamblers – Cover
  • Atomic Garden – 1999-01-15 – Santa Monica CA USA
  • The Answer – Reason Rally 2012-03-24 Washington DC USA
  • Fertile Crescent – New World Order 7”
  • Chimaera – Greg Graffin Demo
  • Only Entertainment – 1992-06-24 Milan Italy
  • Pennywise – We Have it All, All Or Nothing album
  • Pennywise – Locked In (bonus) All Or Nothing album.

I left out No Direction for some horrible reason.  My mistake 😦  I will try to update this as soon as I can!

Episode “1.5” – New America Demos

Part One and Part Two:

Episode 1.5 is here for your ear holes to consume! We found these ‘The New America’ Bad Religion Demos that leaked on the internet. An American and an Englishman (sounds like a future movie title) have a ‘Meeting of the Minds’ and offer their take on this misunderstood and highly underappreciated Bad Religion album released in 2000. Well… you can go and underappreciate ‘I Love My Computer’ all you want.

In the 2nd half, the wizened old man of the NFTF crew talks Bad Religion with a huge BR Fan from the Seattle area (home of grunge and Starbucks) named Chad. Rumor has it he ate Chapstick as part of a bet (hence his online name of ‘UncleChapstick’) or for his own enjoyment. That is still to be confirmed. Anyways, It was cool getting to hear from someone who knows his Bad Religion and punk in general at such a formative age! I blame the internet for all his knowledge.

There seems to be some kind of audio clipping that is picked up whenever i talk to someone over the computer, still trying to work that problem out but it did sound fine and the levels looked OK when recording. 😦

Songs Played
The New America (Demo)
The Fast Life
Let it Burn
A Streetkid Named Desire
There Will Be A Way
Don’t Sell Me Short
1000 Memories
Whisper In Time
You’ve Got A Chance
Hopeless Housewife
Believe It
New America
It’s a Long Way to the Promised Land
Streets of America- Lorelay Festival 6/22/1996
Big Bang – Hove Fest, Norway 6/27/2008
1000 Memories – Studio Version
10 in 2010 – ShowBox SoDo – Seattle, WA 11/17/2010
The Mars Moles – o-The Dichotomy (Cover)
Polar Bear Club – Better Off Dead (Cover)

Click here to play Part 1. Or Right click, ‘Save Link As’ on the link to download it.
Click here to play Part 2. Or Right click, ‘Save Link As’ on the link to download it.

It’s a Long Way to the Promised Land

Hello everyone and thanks for checking out our (temporary?) page!

A few of us from the Bad Religion Page have gotten together to start up a new Bad Religion Podcast.  The last one was done by ikillkenny between 2008-2009 and was very informative and entertaining.  This is the first of hopefully many new Bad Religion related podcasts.
The idea to start this up again was started on a podcast thread in the Bad Religion Page forums about the old one mentioned above.  A few people volunteered but not much came of it.  Debbie (ImNew) pushed to start one and got in touch with me (Frod) and after some idea exchanges and additional help from Robo Pilgrim and DarwinAtWork, the first episode was put together 2/24/2012.  
A big thank you goes out to all the people who hopefully will listen and offer feedback, as well as torbar the mad genius for a future possible domain name.  Not sure what else to add so I’ll just shut my keyboard trap.
We are open to ideas and creative suggestions/contributions, so please e-mail us a contact@badreligionpodcast.com!